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Your Success, Our Commitment.

Your organisation's success is our ultimate goal. Through our commitment to certification and a customer-centric approach, Sparkbrainis fully dedicated to delivering enduring growth and value.

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Bhisham Trehan_testimonial

I'm Bhisham Trehan, an experienced leader and visionary in the software development industry. As the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Spark Brains Private Limited, I specialise in forging collaborative relationships that enhance our company's position in the market.

Bhisham Trehan


Manu sharma_testimonial

I'm Manu Sharma, Co-Founder and Director at Spark Brains Private Limited, where I also serve as a seasoned senior data scientist with over 5 years of invaluable industry experience. As a co-founder, I have played a pivotal role in establishing and nurturing Spark Brains.

Manu sharma


Our Mission & Values

Driving Innovation and Efficiency in Organisations & Teams through Advanced Technology Integration

Our mission is to drive innovation and efficiency within organisations and teams by seamlessly integrating advanced technology solutions. We understand that successful business solutions require more than just adopting the right tools.
It involves integrating these solutions into existing infrastructure, providing comprehensive end-user training, and offering ongoing support to ensure sustained success.
At the heart of our values lies a commitment to empowering our clients with the latest technology and guiding them towards transformative change.

Commitment to

Timely Delivery & Budget Adherence

Talented team of

30+ dedicated professionals


Professional Experience

Our Story

12+ years of cultivating expertise and advancing in tandem with our clients.

Bringing over a decade of dedicated experience to the table, we have honed our skills and expanded alongside our valued clients, ensuring innovative solutions and sustainable growth.

A beginning of forever

Expansion in the team members

Starting of Data Science realm

Data Science to Data Management

Visionary new year, new challenges

Our Team

Our Leadership: Architects of Our Vision

With a team of over 30+ dedicated professionals, our in-house consultants and transformation experts are recognized for their excellence in the industry. Supported by a seasoned leadership team with diverse expertise, we specialize in planning and executing complex transformation projects.

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Driving Positive Change Beyond Profit

At Sparkbrains, our mission extends far beyond mere profit-making endeavors. While ensuring the success of our clients remains our top priority, we recognise the profound influence our business achievements can have on fostering societal betterment. We actively leverage our business successes to champion charitable organisations and initiatives that create tangible outcomes both within our local communities and on a global scale.